Configure Recast Management Server

It is now time to set up the configuration of your Recast Management Server

  1. After installation you need to configure your Recast Management Server. Upon first opening the Recast Management Server website it will ask you to login. When you first login, you MUST use the same account that you used to install the Recast Management Server.  
  2. When you first log in, the screen should look like this with “Home”, “Administration” and “Dashboards” displaying on the side of the Recast Management Server page:  
  3. Open the “Administration” drop down menu, and select “Permissions”  
  4. Click on the “Add User” button at the top right of the “Recast Users” section.  
  5. Add your user account in the “Name” section of the dialog box and click “Search”. Click Add” Users to add the user to the Recast Management Server. 
  6. You can now see the user you have added in the Recast Users section.  
  7. Click on the blue pencil and paper icon next to the trash can to give yourself a role. Note that all users must be assigned a role or they will not have permissions within Right Click Tools or the Recast Management Server. Assign yourself the Administrators role on all scopes as shown in the screenshot below and click “Save”  
  8. Next check to make sure that your proxy is connected to the Recast Management Server by clicking on the Proxies section on the left hand side of the screen. The proxy that you installed should be showing as Connected and Authorized.  
  9. Next click on the Routes section on the left hand side of the screen. By default you should see the Recast Agent and Right Click Tools routes in the window.  
  10. In order to configure the Recast Management Server so that the Recast Proxy can function, we need to add a route for the Proxy. Click on Create. For the type, keep it as “Service Account” Under Recast Proxy, select the proxy that was installed on your RMS server. Under Role assign the Administrators role, and have the scope assigned as “All”. Once you have completed those, click “Create” 
  11. After clicking create, you will see the changes that you made at the bottom of the routes page. Click Save to save this configuration.  
  12. Optional Step: If you would like to run actions as the Proxy Service Account, you can drag the Service Account route at the bottom of the list to the top of the list. This will ensure that the action is run as that service account. (As shown below) 

You are now ready to move to Step 6: Connecting your Right Click Tools installation to the Recast Management Server.