Certificate Used by Recast Management Server is not Trusted

Error: The certificate used by the Recast Management Server is not trusted on this device. If the server is using a self-signed certificate, you must import it into this device's Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store.


To fix this issue, export the Recast Management Server certificate and import it to the Recast Agent device.

Export your Recast Management Server Certificate

To export a self-signed certificate:

1. Open IIS Manager on your Recast Management Server and select the server name.IIS

2. Double-click Server Certificates.

3. Right-click the Recast certificate and choose View from the drop-down menu.IIS

4. Choose the Details tab and click Copy to File.


5. Walk through the Certificate Export Wizard with the default settings. You will not need to export the private key.

6. Store the certificate in a location that you will be able to access from your Recast Desktop clients.

Import the Recast Management Server Certificate

To import the certificate to the local machine's certificate store:

1. Right-click on the certificate and choose Install Certificate.

2. In the Certificate Import Wizard, select Local Machine as the Store Location.


3. Choose Place all certificates in the following store and click Browse.


4. Select the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities Store and click OK.


5. Click Next on the Certificate Store page.


6. Click Finish on the Summary page to exit the wizard.

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