Proxy Service Account Permissions

Basic Permissions 

This permission set allows access to web dashboards, dashboard trends, and security scopes. The permissions also allow scheduling for builder actions and kiosk profile application.

  • Local admin on the server where the proxy is being installed
  • Read permissions in Active Directory
  • db_datareader in Configuration Manager SQL server database
  • Read-only access to Configuration Manager console (Read-only Analyst security role in ConfigMgr)

NOTE: Some actions won't work, such as adding to or removing from collection

To Elevate Permissions Using Proxy

  • Local administrator access on all devices managed by Right Click Tools

NOTE: Some actions won't work, such as adding to or removing from collection

To Add or Remove from Collections

  • Permission to modify a collection in Configuration Manager: configmgr collection > modify permission

To run actions as a service account

  • Local admin on any device that actions will be run against
  • Read/Write permissions in Active Directory (Write is only required to delete devices from AD)
  • Appropriate ConfigMgr Security Role for intended actions in the Configuration Manager console (Full Administrator for all actions)
  • Permission to MBAM, if applicable

To collect warranty information with Endpoint Insights

  • If your Recast Management Server is installed on a server other than your Configuration Manager SQL database, the proxy account will need to be added to the SMS_SiteSystemToSiteServerConnection_MP_<YourSiteCode> local group on that server. This will allow it to read/write to your inboxes\auth\, which is required to gather warranty data.

For Fast Channel Support

  • Permission to run scripts in Configuration Manager 

If using Read-only Analyst in ConfigMgr as your base security role, also grant the following privileges:

  • Collection > Run Script = Yes 
  • SMS Scripts > Read = True