View the current protection status for the drives on selected computers.

Details include:

  • Associated Drive Letter
  • Protection Status for the drive
  • Encryption Method for the drive
  • Conversion Status for the drive, if encrypted
  • Key Protectors used for this drive
  • Volume Type for this drive
  • Number of devices in this selection

Expand the section for each drive to see details about the Disk Size in GB, Encryption Percentage, and Lock status.


BitLocker Actions

  • Suspend or Resume BitLocker encryption
  • Decrypt or Encrypt the content of the volume.
    • A confirmation prompt appears before decryption begins.
    • When you click Encrypt, the Right Click Tools Encryption Wizard will open and you'll be asked to choose options such as encryption method and its scope.
  • Backup Recovery Password to AD: Saves the password to Active Directory Domain Services.
  • Backup Recovery Password to Azure: Saves the password to Azure Active Directory Domain Services.
  • Force Recovery on Next Restart: Forces the user to enter the recovery key upon device restart. 
  • Regenerate Recovery Password: Generates a new recovery password.