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Right Click Tools

Empower your team to surface critical intel, reveal vulnerabilities, quickly remediate issues, ensure compliance, enhance security, and maintain clear visibility across all devices.

Endpoint Insights

Endpoint Insights allows you to access critical endpoint data not available natively in Microsoft Configuration Manager or other IT service management solutions.

Shift Left

Shift Left enables ServiceNow users to run Right Click Tools actions inside their ServiceNow console. By allowing your help desk to act on more common user and device issues, Shift Left helps resolve calls on the first attempt, and decreases the need for case escalation to other teams.

Recast Management Server

Recast Management Server (RMS) is the centralized web interface for Recast Enterprise products, including Right Click Tools and Endpoint Insights. Hosted on a server of your choice, Recast Management Server uses an on-premises SQL database to house settings, configurations and logs.

Recast Agent

Recast Agents can be installed on a computer to run Right Click Tools actions as the local system account. Recast Agents are useful for running actions against workgroup devices or against devices in untrusted domains.