Remote Software Center

The Remote Software Center has similar functionality as the local Software Center application but can be run remotely and at scale on devices or device collections. You can view and install deployed applications and programs, available software updates, and view and run deployed task sequences. It has similar functionality to the local Configuration Manager control panel for checking the target machine against deployed compliance policies.

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To locate the Remote Software Center:

1. In your Configuration Manager console, right-click on a device or device collection.

2. Click Right Click Tools > Client Tools > Remote Software Center.


The Applications tab displays applications deployed to devices selected in the Configuration Manager console. The table includes details about the Publisher, Version, Install State, and the number of Devices on which the application is installed.

You can filter the applications by devices or users, and sort information by clicking any column header. Expand a table row to display details about the devices on which the application is deployed. For each device, the table shows the install Status of the application, when it was Last Evaluated and Last Run, and any Error Code.

Application showing user drop down Screenshot

Software Updates

The Software Updates tab shows software updates available for your devices. You can select individual updates to install or choose to install all missing updates. If multiple devices are selected when opening the Remote Software Center, the updates will start on all selected devices. 

Expand a table row to display details about each software update. The table displays the Compliance State and Evaluation State, as well as the Percent Complete and the Error Code of any attempted update that has failed.Software Updates Screenshot

Task Sequences

View and start task sequences available for your devices. 

Click on a task sequence to start it. If multiple devices are selected when opening the Remote Software Center, the task sequences will start on all selected devices.


On the Compliance tab, you can view and evaluate compliance policies available for your devices. 

Select a compliance policy and click Evaluate to start it. If multiple devices are selected when opening the Remote Software Center, the policy will start on all selected devices. 

Required Permissions

Recast Permissions


NOTE: To make changes on the populated tabs (for example, to install applications), you may require additional permissions.

Microsoft Permissions

  • Requires that the user be a local administrator on the remote device(s). This can be done using a Recast Proxy, a Recast Agent or by granting the required user permissions.
  • Requires a Recast Agent for workgroup computers, or to run actions over the Cloud Management Gateway.
  • Requires remote WMI to populate its contents and run actions.