Application Manager Cannot Connect to Recast Services


Application fails to connect the necessary backend services.

Possible solutions:

Find out if the troubleshooted server has a sufficient connection to the backend services.

1. The following services should be available via browser in ports 80 and 443:

2. Your firewall should accept connections to these services above also in the following protocols.

3. Application Manager does not have proper administrative access to the server. Please make sure that either of the following conditions is met.

Full local administrative access for AM service account to server (where AM application will be installed) 

or at least these permissions:

  • Full Control to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Centero\Agent" registry key
  • Modify permissions to "%ProgramData%\Centero\Software Manager" folder structure (this folder structure is created during AM application installation but can be created manually before installation)
  • Modify permissions to network share where applications will downloaded

4. Sometimes a service can get stuck in Windows resulting malfunction. Try restart Centero Agent service in Services.msc. This forces the Agent to authenticate again.

5. Enable TLS 1.2 if it's disabled