About Recast Management Server

The Recast Management Server adds many features to Recast Software applications.

For Right Click Tools Enterprise, these features include:

  • Role Based Administration that uses Active Directory Users and/or Groups to allow access to specific Right Click Tools
  • Auditing of actions so that Administrators have a record of actions that were run using the Right Click Tools and which users initiated the actions
  • Scheduling of certain Right Click Tools actions and Builder actions
  • Ability to use a Recast Proxy to run actions against computers using a service account
  • Ability to use the Recast Agent to run actions against computers in untrusted domain, workgroup, or over the ConfigMgr Cloud Managed Gateway
  • Access to four main web dashboards: Active Directory Clean Up, BitLocker, LAPS, and Software Updates

For Endpoint Insights, the Recast Management Server enables the collection of warranty information.

To learn more, see Recast Management Server – What is it and why do I need it?

Accessing Recast Management Server

Your Recast Management Server can be accessed by navigating to https://<ServerFQDN>:<Port> in a web browser.

Checking Your Software Version

You can find your RMS software version in the main window on the Recast Management Server home page.