Changing WSUS Server

Existing server

1. Disable the service in WSUS integration in Service status section.

2. We recommend using the existing self-signed certificate. It is already shared to managed workstations in most of the cases. Export the certificate. This can be done in WSUS integration tab in Server certificate section. Choose Export and save the certificate for the new server.

3. We recommend also export the existing AM for WSUS settings. These settings are located in C:\ProgramData\Centero\WSUS.xml. Copy the XML-file for the new server.

New server 

Before migration of Application Manager for WSUS, make sure that WSUS component is completely migrated to the new server. Also check that all the requirements are met.

1. Download and install Application Manager for WSUS.

2. Open AM for WSUS and go through the initial wizard. Choose No at the last step when AM for WSUS is about to start the deployments.

3. AM for WSUS ui opens up for the first. Close the software.

4. Copy the WSUS.xml from the old installation to the new installation to the similar location.

5. Launch AM for WSUS from the start menu and check if all the configuration are valid.

6. If configuration is all in order - then enable AM for WSUS in WSUS integration in Service status section.