Service Connections

A service connection allows Recast Software infrastructure to connect to, and query information from, third-party products in external environments including Active Directory domains, Configuration Manager, and MBAM.

Service Connection Types

There are four service connection types:

  • ActiveDirectory 
  • AzureActiveDirectory — used by Recast's Privilege Manager
  • MEMCM — Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager
  • MBAM — Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring

Service connections are automatically detected when Recast Management Server is installed. You can also add or delete service connections in Recast Management Server.

View Service Connections

You can view connections between Recast Management Server and third-party products on the Service Connections page, which is new in Recast Software Version 5.0

You'll find the page in RMS by navigating to Administration > Service Connections.

Add a Service Connection

Service connections are detected automatically during Recast Management Server installation. You can also add service connections in your Recast Management Server.

To add a service connection:

1. On the Service Connections page in the Recast Management Server interface, click Add Service Connection.

2. Select a connection Type: ActiveDirectory, MEMCM, MBAM, AzureActiveDirectory

3. Name the new connection and add details associated with the connection type, such as the Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client Secret key.

4. Select a Proxy Computer Name  and Proxy User Name from the drop-down lists.

5. Click the Confirmed check box.

6. Click Submit.

Include a Service Connection in a Dashboard Scan

You can choose to include one or more existing service connections in a Right Click Tools web dashboard scan to query third-party environments.

To select a service connection:

1. On any web dashboard, click Select Service Connections.

2. In the side panel that opens, select from the list of available service connections.

3. Click Save & Run Scan.

Delete a Service Connection

To delete a service connection:

1. In the Recast Management Server interface, navigate to the Service Connections page.

2. Click the Delete icon to the right of the Service Connection to remove.

NOTE: When a service connection is deleted, Recast Management Server can no longer query information from the third-party environment.