Network Architecture: Right Click Tools with RMS

Most Right Click Tools installations connect to the Recast Management Server, the hub for Recast Enterprise products. To make the most of Recast Management Server features, Right Click Tools implementations often include Recast Proxies, Recast Agents, and Agent Gateways.

Where an organization's requirements don't allow for a connection to RMS, Right Click Tools can be installed in Standalone mode.

Right Click Tools with Recast Management ServerNetwork Architecture diagram for Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server

Installation Notes

  • The Recast Console Extension is installed as a plug-in for the Configuration Manager console.
  • The Recast Management Server and Agent Gateway can be installed on the primary Configuration Manager server or on another server.
  • A Recast Proxy can be installed on the same server as RMS or on a separate server.
  • Multiple Agent Gateways and/or Recast Proxies may be installed.
  • Recast Agents can be deployed on some or all devices.

Connection Notes

  • Arrows indicate the direction of initial connection.
  • Recast Management Server can be connected to devices via Console Extension, Recast Proxy or Recast Agent routes.
  • Where Recast Agent software is deployed on devices, Agents connect to the Agent Gateway to enroll.    

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