Email User

The Email User tool looks for the primary email address associated with a user or multiple users, opens the default email application and adds the address to the 'To' field. 

This tool connects to Active Directory to discover the primary email address associated with a user account and open the default email application. For best results, assign your email application of choice as the Windows default before running this tool.

NOTE: The Email User tool can be run on multi-selected users, but not user groups or user collections.

To email multiple users:

1. In your Configuration Manager console navigation panel, click Users.

2. Search for the users to email.

3. CTRL-click to select users.

4. Right-click on the selection.

5. Click Right Click Tools > Email User.

The default email application will open with the addresses of the selected users included as recipients.

Recast Permissions


Microsoft Permissions

No additional Microsoft Permissions are required for this tool.