Add Device(s) to Collection

The Add Device(s) to Collection tool adds devices to an existing device collection. This tool can be run on single devices and multi-selected devices, or with a similar tool designed to be run on a device collection.

This tool makes a WMI API call to the SMS provider.

To run the tool:

1. In your Configuration Manager console, right-click on a device.

2. Click Right Click Tools > Client Tools > Add Device(s) to Collection.

3. In the window that opens, enable Match on name instead of ResourceID to query ConfigMgr for the Resource ID that matches the computer name (optional). 

TIP: This option is useful when launched from tools that may not have the Resource ID available, such as the LAPS or BitLocker Compliance tools.

Add Devices To Collection Screenshot

4. Click Start to run the tool.

A progress window displays devices by status, with an option to Rerun the tool.

Add Devices To Collection Success

Recast Permissions

ConfigMgr ServerGet All Device Collections and Add Devices to Collection

Microsoft Permissions

  • This action requires that the user running the tools has sufficient ConfigMgr permissions to add the device to the collection.
  • If a Recast Server is being used with a Service Account, that account also needs these permissions.
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