Grant Access to Azure AD on Behalf of Someone Else

For Global Admin who is consenting the enterprise applications on behalf of someone else

1. Open these links with your or your customer's Azure AD global administrator account and grant permissions for:

2. Go to the Enterprise applications page in the Azure Portal and select Recast Azure AD Connector.

3. Select Users and Groups.

4. Click Add user and find the user account of the person who is installing AM for Intune.

  • If you are an MSP, you need to add the account you are using in our portal as a guest user into the customer's Azure AD. Assign the enterprise application to your guest user account.

5. Click Assign and continue with AM for Intune installation.

6. Repeat steps 3–5 for the Recast Application Manager Intune Connector enterprise application.

7. Continue with the installation by following the steps on the Service Status page. 

The next step is to Link Tenant With Application Manager for Intune.

NOTE: You might see the message 'Unable to check status before linking tenant (step 5)' on the Service Status page even if you have assigned the enterprise applications, but the message disappears after you've added the tenant.

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