License Update Issues

If you are experiencing difficulties updating your Recast Management Server licensing, there may be license files in the C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Licenses directory that are conflicting with one another.


You'll need to delete the current license files and replace them with new licenses. Your new license files can then be downloaded from the Recast Portal and uploaded to the Licenses page in your Recast Management Server.

To replace current license files:

1. Close the Configuration Manager console.

2. On the server where the Recast Management Server is installed, delete all license files from C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Licenses.

3. In your SQL database, run a query against your Recast Management Server database: SELECT * FROM [dbo].[Licenses]

4. Find the ID number for each license row.

5. Run the following query separately for each license, filling in the appropriate ID number: DELETE FROM [dbo].[Licenses] WHERE id = <ID number>

6. Restart the Recast Management Server website and recycle the Recast Management Server app pool within IIS Manager.

7. Restart the Configuration Manager console.

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