Create or Modify a Managed User Rule

Creating a new managed group rule allows you to add a specified member to a selected local group on a selected target.

  1. Select the local User account to manage. Local user accounts must be first created before management rules can be defined for the local user. For more information, see Create a Local User.
  2. Select an Account type for this rule. 
    • Generate temporary user account that can be activated will create local user account as a Recast Privilege Manager temporary user account. 
    • Generate random password and save to database will create unique random password to the local user account and save the password information to the Recast Privilege Manager database where the specified user can retrieve the passwords. 
    • Use fixed password will reset local user account password to one specified on rule.
  3. If Use fixed password is selected, enter a Password for the local user account on target computer(s). The password will be shown on screen! 
  4. Add an option to manage a user rule for a specified time and set the expiry time. The maximum validity time is specified by the Recast Privilege Manager Administrator.
    This field is available only if enabled by the Recast Privilege Manager administrator. See more information in the Recast Privilege Manager Administration Guide.
  5. Enable or disable the managed user group rule. When the rule is enabled, it will be applied to target computer(s).
  6. Click Add.
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