Install Recast Proxy Separately

You can install a Recast Proxy separately if it was not installed during the Recast Management Server installation, or if it needs to be installed on a server other than the Recast Management Server. After installing a Recast Proxy separately, you'll need to approve it manually and add service connections.

For an overview of proxy types, uses, permissions, installation and configuration, see Recast Proxy.

The Recast Proxy SQLite file is located at C:\Users\<Proxy Username>\AppData\Roaming\Recast Software\Recast Proxy


Run the Proxy Installer

To install Recast Proxy:

1. Download the Recast Proxy installer from the Recast Portal and run it.

2. On the Recast Server Configuration page, enter the Recast Management Server Name and Server Port number.

3. Click Test Connection to make sure that the proxy can connect to the Recast Management Server. 

If the installer does not connect to the Recast Management Server, the proxy will not install successfully. Troubleshoot any error messages that appear in the installer before continuing with the install.

4. On the Service Account Configuration page, enter the Domain, Username and Password that you would like to use for your proxy and click Test Credentials to verify service account details.

If the User Account Credentials that you enter on the Service Account Proxy Screen do not validate correctly, the Service Account Proxy will not work correctly. Troubleshoot any login errors before continuing to the next step.

5. On the Domain Configuration page enter your primary Domain and click Test Domain Connection to check that the service account can read from the domain. 

6. On the Configuration Manager Configuration page, enter your SMS Provider, Site Code, SQL Server, and SQL Database information and click Test ConfigMgr Connection to check that your service account has permission to access your Configuration Manager environment.

7. If you have a standalone MBAM server (and are not managing BitLocker in ConfigMgr), enable Configure MBAM and enter the information for your MBAM environment. If you are not using an MBAM Server, leave the checkbox blank and click Install.

8. If you have a standalone MBAM environment, enter its details and click Test MBAM Connection to ensure that the service account you selected has permission to use MBAM. 

9. Click Install.

10. After the installation completes, click Finish to close the installer.

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