ConfigMgr and MBAM Database Permissions

The Right Click Tools Dashboards require access to specific portions of your enterprise environment that are controlled outside of Right Click Tools. For example, the Hardware and Firmware Audit Dashboard reads from the ConfigMgr database to populate its information. 

Troubleshooting ConfigMgr and MBAM database access differs if you're using Right Click Tools with RMS or in Standalone mode.

Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server

To troubleshoot database access in RMS:

Right Click Tools Standalone

To troubleshoot database access in the Configure Recast Console Extension application: 

  • On the SQL Configuration tab, check that the SQL Server and SQL Database are entered correctly.
  • If you have MBAM in your environment, check the MBAM Administration URI, SQL Server, MBAM Recovery and Hardware Database name, and MBAM Compliance Status Database name.

For more information, see Configure SQL.

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