Upgrade Right Click Tools Version

Follow these steps to update Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server.
For Right Click Tools Standalone, see Upgrade Right Click Tools Standalone Version.

Upgrading Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server to the latest release lets you take advantage of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. For all the details on what's new, see the release notes.

Newer versions of Right Click Tools, Recast Management Server, Recast Proxy, and Recast Agents can be installed in place right over existing 5.x or 4.x versions. To upgrade Right Click Tools versions older than 4.x, we recommend uninstalling the old version before deploying a v5 release.

PLEASE NOTE: Version 5.x and 4.x components are not compatible. You must upgrade Right Click Tools, Recast Management Server, Recast Proxy and Recast Agents to a v5 release for Right Click Tools to work correctly.

Upgrade Sequence

When upgrading Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server, install new versions of the applications and components in your Recast deployment in the following order:

1. Recast Management Server

2. Recast Proxy
Where Recast Management Server and Recast Proxy are installed on the same computer, both are updated when you run the Recast Management Server installer.

3. Right Click Tools
You must run the Right Click Tools installer anywhere you have Right Click Tools installed on a Configuration Manager console. You can also create a Configuration Manager application to install software updates.

4. Recast Agents

Upgrade Steps

To upgrade each Recast application or component:

1. Download an installation file from the Recast Portal.

2. Double-click the downloaded installation file.

3. Follow the installer prompts.

If you're required to re-authorize your Right Click Tools server as an Agent Gateway:

1. In the Recast Management Server interface, navigate to Agent Gateways.

2. Click the Edit icon to the right of the computer you want to authorize as an Agent Gateway.

3. Enable the Authorized checkbox and click Save.

You can check that the upgrade is complete within Programs and Features.

Silent install: Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server

Add the parameter RCTENTERPRISESERVER=https://<FQDN>:<Port> to your install string so your console can connect to the Recast Management Server. Substitute the FQDN for your RMS server followed by the port number. The default port used by RMS is TCP 444. 


msiexec.exe /i "Right Click Tools.msi" /qn RCTENTERPRISESERVER="https://RMS.RecastDomain.com:444"

Uninstall a Version 5 Release

You can revert to a previous v5 release of Right Click Tools by downloading an archived release and installing it over the more recent software version.

To download an archived release:

1. Log into the Recast Portal.

2. Click the Resources tab and select Archived Releases

3. In the Download column, click the blue download icon for the software version you want to install.

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