Change Password

The Change Password tool allows a Configuration Manager console user to change another user's password. Options allow you to set the new password, force the user to change the password at next logon, and/or unlock the account. This tool can be run on individual or multi-selected users, but not user groups or user collections.

This tool connects to Active Directory to run the password change and the specified options.

To change a user password:

1. In your Configuration Manager console navigation panel, click Users.

2. Right-click on a user.

3. Click Right Click Tools > Change Password.

4. Enter and confirm a new password.

5. Enable User must change password at next logon (optional). If the user's account is set up with a password that doesn't expire, you can override that setting by checking Disable Password Never Expires.

6. Enable Unlock user account if it is locked (optional).

7. Click Change Password.

Recast Permissions

Active DirectoryResetPassword

Microsoft Permissions

This action requires reset user password permissions on the Active Directory object. If using a service account, the service account needs the reset user password permissions on the AD object.