All Status Messages

The All Status Messages tool lets you view status messages in 24 different Configuration Manager console locations. The status messages displayed are context-specific, depending on where the tool is opened.

Administrative User
Application Node
Boot Image
Client Settings
Devices Node
Distribution Point
Driver Package
Image Package
OS Images Node
OS Install Package
Package Node
Software Update Group
Software Update Package
Software Updates Node
User Collection
User Discovery
Users Node

To view all status messages:

1. Right-click on any of the available console locations.

2. Click Right Click Tools > All Status Messages.

3. In the Status Messages window that opens, set a viewing period by choosing a date and time or selecting a preset date and time.

Status Message Tool right click screenshot

Status messages are displayed for the selected period. The list can be searched, sorted, filtered, exported, and saved.

Status Message Tool ScreenShot

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