Enable IIS

The Recast Management Server requires IIS, which should be installed automatically during Recast Management Server installation. Otherwise, you can enable IIS manually in Server Manager.

To manually enable IIS, if necessary:

1. Open Server Manager and navigate to Manage > Add Roles and Features 

2. When the Add Roles and Features Wizard opens, click Next.  

3. Select Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next

4. Select your destination server and click Next.


5. In Server Roles, click Web Server (IIS). Click Add Features


6. Confirm that Web Server (IIS) is selected and click Next

7. On the Web Server Role (IIS) page, click Next.

8. When the Role Services page opens, click Next. (The default settings are fine for our install.)

  9. Confirm your installation selections and click Install.  


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