Existing Deployments

When setting up Application Manager, it's important to check how you previously installed applications in your environment. If you were using another 3rd party patching solution, make sure it's disabled or that the same applications are not deployed through multiple sources.

Manually Remove Created Deployments

Application Manager will automatically create a supersedence relationship from the latest AM-created application version to the previous application versions Application Manager has created. Because AM is unable to supersede any applications that have been manually deployed from Configuration Manager, it's important to remove deployments of other versions of the same application that's updated with Application Manager. Leaving other deployments active might cause installation loop between AM created application version and the manually deployed version.


If there are any issues when upgrading previously deployed application to the AM deployed version, you might need to create a supersedence with a uninstall option from the AM created application to the manually created version:

  1. Find the previously deployed application version in MECM console. Make sure you've configured a functioning uninstall program to the app's deployment type
  2. Find the Application Manager-created application (Default location: Applications\Software Manager\Publisher\Application)
  3. Open properties of the latest application version and go to the Supersedence tab.
  4. Select Add... and Browse the manually created version of the same application. Select New Deployment type and Uninstall options.
  5. Save changes by selecting OK > OK.
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