Right Click Tools Standalone Installation Workflow

Installing Right Click Tools Enterprise in Standalone mode provides a simplified implementation. For access to the product's full functionality, you can add Recast Management Server to an existing installation of Right Click Tools Enterprise Standalone at a later date.

Right Click Tools must be installed on the device where the Configuration Manager console is installed. When Right Click Tools is implemented in Standalone mode, it can run actions against devices located in the Configuration Manager console that are connected to a local network (directly or through VPN) or are connected via a Cloud Management Gateway.

Right Click Tools cannot currently run actions against devices that are only being managed using Microsoft Azure or Intune.

Recommended workflow for Right Click Tools Enterprise Standalone:

1. Make sure that the Right Click Tools basic system requirements are met.

2. Download Right Click Tools from the Recast Portal. If you are installing on a Configuration Manager server that is not connected to the internet, download the associated license file.

3. Install Right Click Tools Standalone.

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