Application Manager for MECM Deployment Type Settings

The following options can be set on the Deployment Type Settings tab:


  • Persistent content in client cache - Configure if clients should keep the application media in cache. Can be set true or false (default)
  • Allow clients to share content on same subnet - Can be set true or false (default)
  • Allow clients to use fallback source location for content - Can be set true or false (default)
  • Slow network mode - Can be set to Download (Default), Download Content or Nothing
  • Fast network mode - Can be set to RunLocal (Default) or run from network

Install Behavior

  • Executable files that must be closed - Configure to check if related processes are in use while trying to install an application. Add the executable name and display name to use the feature. The feature functions differently depending on what kind of deployment is in use

User experience

  • Logon requirement type - Configure when the application can be installed to client device. When set to Default, the actual value configured to configuration manager is set by Recast during application packaging, but on almost every application the installation can be done whether or not the user is logged on. Other values are Only When User Logged On, Only When No User Logged On or Whether Or Not User Logged On
  • Maximum allowed runtime - Configure the longest time application install should run. Default is 120 minutes
  • Estimated installation time - Configure the estimated installation time. This value is visible for end user in software center. Default is 0


  • Add operating system requirements - AM will add automatically necessary operating system requirements for applications by default, but you can disable this behavior with false option