Installer Error Messages

Proxy - Error Occurred When Sending Request

Error message: Error occurred when sending request

This error occurs when the proxy installer is not able to communicate with the Recast Management Server.

Troubleshooting steps

In order to see what is causing the issue, run the following command in Powershell: invoke-restmethod https://<FQDN_OF_SERVER>:<Port_of_server>/api/action/test -Method post

The command returns a specific error that will assist in troubleshooting the proxy error.

A notable example returned from the Powershell command:

Could not establish trust relationship for the SLS/TLS secure channel - In order for the Proxy installer to connect with the Recast Management Server, you must export the public key that was used for the Recast Management Server and import it into the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities Store on the computer on which you are installing Recast Proxy.

Logon Failure: Error Code 1385

A LogonUser failed with error code : 1385 error may appear during Recast Management Server installation if the proxy account used doesn't have permission to log into Configuration Manager, the ConfigMgr SQL Database, or the computer where Configuration Manager is installed.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check that the required permissions are assigned to the proxy service account for all the purposes it will serve.
  • Verify that the server where Configuration Manager is installed is configured with policies that allow the proxy service account to log in.

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