Content Information Tool

The Content Information tool offers a more proactive way of managing and distributing task sequence content.

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To locate the Content Information tool:

1. In your Configuration Manager console, right-click on a task sequence.

2. Click Right Click Tools > Content Information.

The window that opens displays Distribution Points, Content on a Distribution Point and Content in Task Sequence.

Distribution Points

In the Distribution Points section, you can right click on distribution point to distribute all of the content tied to the selected task sequence to that DP immediately. Selecting a DP also populates the Content on a Distribution Point section with all of the content that has already been pushed to that distribution point.

Content Tools DP screenshot

Content on Distribution Point

Right-clicking on content in the Content on Distribution Point section offers additional options to add an individual piece of content to the distribution point, redistribute that content, remove it, or validate it.

Content Tools Content on DP screenshot

Content in Task Sequence

Right-clicking on content in the Content in Task Sequence section provides tools for checking content status, reading content status messages or opening the source path for that piece of content:

Content Tools Content in Task Sequence screenshot