Send Notification

The Send Notification tool sends a custom notification to a device. 

This tool can be run on single or multi-selected devices. A similar tool is designed for device collections.

For a video walkthrough, see Right Click Tools: Send Notification.

To run the tool:

1. In your Configuration Manager console, right-click on a device.

2. Click Right Click Tools > Console Tools > Send Notification.

The Send Notification window will open. 

Send Notification Default

3. Expand Advanced Settings to choose the type(s) of notification to send. 

Three available methods: Recast Toast Notification, Configuration Manager Client Toast Notification, Windows Popup Message.

NOTE: The notification will only be sent using the first successful method.

Send Notification Advanced Screen

4. Add a Logo Image in PNG, JPG, or BMP format to send with your Recast Toast notification (optional).

5. Click Send Notification.

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