Recast Agents Missing After Deployment


  • Deployed Recast Agents are not displayed on the Agents page in your Recast Management Server.
  • When you install an Agent, you get an error that the server certificate isn't trusted.

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Check that devices with Agents deployed have the certificate in their Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store.

2. Within the IIS Manager, update the binding for your Recast Management Server to the certificate that matches the RMS server name.

3. Update the ServerUri registry key to include https://servername:444 on the same devices with deployed Agents and remove any Recast Management Server URI registry entries.

When the issue is resolved, the deployed Agents should automatically begin connecting to the server and appearing on the Agents page in RMS. You can also force Agents to connect manually by restarting the Agent service from the System Information - Services tab in Right Click Tools. 

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