Shell Replacement

Shell Replacement replaces the Windows desktop with one or more auto-launched applications. Applications are launched for all users. You can pick from UWP applications, common web browsers, or any custom applications you want. This feature also includes options to Allow Sticky Keys, Launch Windows Explorer, Tile Windows, and Remove Window Borders.Kiosk Manager Replace Shell Screenshot

To set up shell replacement:

1. Select an application from the drop-down list.

2. Click the Add (+) button to add the selection to the Applications list.

3. If not already highlighted, click the application name in the list.

4. Set the following parameters, which will differ according to the selected application:

Browser & Application parameters

  • Path: This field is populated from the Applications list
  • Launch URL: For a browser, you can enter a specific URL to launch
  • Kiosk Mode: Launch the browser in a full screen kiosk mode (Kiosk Mode is not supported by Firefox)
  • Private Mode: Deletes the cache so that no user state is saved from the browsing session
  • Arguments: For Win32 applications
  • Application Base Name: For UWP applications
  • User Model: For UWP applications
  • Delay: Delay the shell launch by a set amount of time (in ms). Useful for scenarios where the shell needs to wait for network connectivity before it launches.
  • Window Style: Choose from Normal, Maximized, Minimized and Hidden
  • Close Behavior: Default behavior is to Do Nothing. You can also choose to Relaunch, Restart Computer, or Shut Down Computer.

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