Enable/Disable Account

The Enable/Disable Account tool lets an administrator view and change the current state of a user account. Use this tool to enable a disabled account or to disable an enabled account.

This tool connects to Active Directory.

NOTE: The Enable/Disable Account tool can be run on multi-selected user objects, but not user groups or user collections.

To enable/disable a user account:

1. In your Configuration Manager console navigation panel, click Users.

2. Search for the user.

3. Right-click on the user.

4. Select Right Click Tools > Enable/Disable Account.

The window that opens displays the current status of the account and asks if you want to change that status. When the tool is run on multiple accounts, you'll be asked to confirm the action for the selected users. Once confirmed, a window will open for each user.

Recast Permissions

Active DirectoryEnable or Disable Account

Microsoft Permissions

This action requires permissions to enable or disable the Active Directory object. If you're using a service account, the service account needs permission to enable or disable the AD object.

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