User Devices

The User Devices tool displays devices that a user has logged into, as well as their primary device.

To view user devices:

1. In your Configuration Manager console navigation panel, click Users.

2. Search for the user.

3. Right-click on the user.

4. Click Right Click Tools > User Devices.

The User Devices table displays:

  • User Name
  • Computer Name
  • Primary Device (T/F)
  • Date Last Used
  • Number of Logins
  • Total Time Logged On

Additional Right Click Tools Actions

By right-clicking on data in the User Devices table, you can access other Right Click Tools actions.

Video Walkthrough

Recast Permissions

Active DirectoryUser Devices

Microsoft Permissions

This action requires the User Devices permissions on the Active Directory object. If using a service account, the service account needs the User Devices permissions on the AD object.