Software Updates Scan Cycle

The Software Updates Scan Cycle initiates a scan just after a software update installation to confirm that the update is no longer required. This action also creates a new state message that the update has been installed.

When installation completes but a restart is necessary, the state shows that the client computer is pending a restart.

This action can be run on single and multi-selected devices, or with a similar tool designed for device collections.

To run this tool:

1. In your Configuration Manager console, right-click on a device.

2. Click Right Click Tools > Client Actions > Software Updates Scan Cycle.

The window that opens displays progress and successful completion.Software Updates Scan Cycle ScreenShot

Recast Permissions

ConfigMgr ClientSoftware Updates Scan Cycle

Microsoft Permissions

  • Requires that the target device has a working ConfigMgr client installed. 
  • Requires that the user running the ConfigMgr console has administrative access to the remote device.
  • Remote WMI ports must be allowed through the firewall. 
  • If the 'Ping Computer Before Running Tools' option is set, ICMP Echo must be allowed through the firewall. 
  • If using a Recast Management Server with a proxy, the service account will need administrator permissions on the remote device.

One way around some of the permissions requirements and firewall rules is installing a Recast Agent.

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