BitLocker Web Dashboard Trend

The BitLocker Web Dashboard Trend shows BitLocker compliance over a set period of time. It scans for BitLocker compliance in Active Directory, MBAM and Configuration Manager.


Web Dashboards Trends require a Recast Proxy in your environment that is allowed to read Active Directory or ConfigMgr as required by the selected tool.

View All Trend Snapshot Schedules

You can view all the trends set up for all web dashboards by navigating to Administration > Trends in your Recast Management Server.

Create a Trend Snapshot Schedule

To create a dashboard trend:

1. In your Recast Management Server, navigate to Dashboards > BitLocker.

2. Click Create Trend.

3. In the side panel that opens, name the trend, select or enter a start time, and choose the days when snapshots will be taken.

4. Choose the repeat interval (1 to 4 weeks).

5. Click Submit.

Trend Graph

After creating a trend, a new snapshot will appear on the BitLocker Trend graph at each scheduled interval.

NOTE: The first snapshot only shows up after the first interval has passed.

Clicking on an individual snapshot on the graph displays its details.

You can download the trend graph to view it later or share it with others in your organization.

Delete a Trend Snapshot Schedule

To delete a dashboard trend:

1. In your Recast Management Server, navigate to Administration > Trends.

2. On the Trends page, click the Delete icon next to the trend to remove.

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