Internet URL Allow List

The Internet URL Allow List feature sets up an invalid proxy for all websites except those that are on the Allow list. When a user attempts to access a web page that is not on the Allow list, they will receive a message stating that the proxy server is not responding. This feature will work for default installations of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. A Pearson profile is provided for quickly adding all of the Pearson testing URLs. Custom URLs can be added as well.

To set up the Allow list:

1. Click the Enable URL Allow List checkbox.

2. Select Pearson or Custom from the drop-down list. Choosing the Pearson profile will add all of the Pearson testing URLs. Choosing Custom will allow you to add a specific URL to the Allow list.

3. Click Add.

4. For Custom, enter the URL to be included on the Allow list. Wildcard (*) use is supported when specifying a URL.

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