Recast Management Server System Requirements

Before installing Recast Management Server, ensure that your system meets the following hardware and software requirements:



4-core minimum, more when Recast Agents are deployed

 Agents Deployed CPU
 < 10K 4-core minimum, 8-core preferred
 10K – 20K 8-core minimum, 12-core preferred
 > 20K 8-core minimum, 12-core preferred, with an additional Agent Gateway required on a different server. CPU requirements for each additional Agent Gateway server will depend on the number of Agents connected.

Agent Gateway Servers

One Agent Gateway is required for every 20K Recast Agents deployed. An Agent Gateway is automatically deployed during Recast Management Server installation. Each additional Agent Gateway must be installed on a different server.

 Agents Deployed Agent Gateways
 < 20K 1
 > 20K 2 (+ 1 for every additional 20K Agents deployed)


At least 8 GB

SQL Server 

At least 20GB of free space is required, in addition to your normal Windows installation. 100GB is a good starting place for teams setting up trends and taking snapshots. Simplifying the database recovery model can help prevent storage issues.


Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or later

Microsoft .NET Framework: .NET Framework version 4.6.2 or later

IIS: Should install automatically during Recast Management Server installation, if it is not present. Otherwise, you can enable IIS manually in Server Manager.

ASP.NET Hosting Bundle: Should install automatically during Recast Management Server installation, if not already present. You can also install the Hosting Bundle manually in Server Manager. If manually installed, the Hosting Bundle should be enabled after IIS.

SQL: Use any licensed version of SQL. If the user account running the installation doesn't have permission to create a SQL database, the database administrator can pre-create the SQL database and manually assign permissions.

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