Connect an Agent Gateway to the Internet

You can extend Recast Agent connectivity to devices that are not on your local network by publishing Recast Agent Gateway to the Internet. One method of publishing Agent Gateway to the Internet is to use the Microsoft Entra Application Proxy service. You can find App Proxy requirements and more information in this Microsoft Entra ID Tutorial.

For more detail about this configuration of Recast Software components, see Network Architecture: RMS with Standalone Agent Gateway.


You must have an additional Agent Gateway installed on a separate server.

  • This server must be Internet-connected and able to communicate with your Recast Management Server.
  • If you're having issues with a self-signed certificate, you can use an http connection by adding an http connection type under Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager > Sites > Bindings. For details, see How to add binding information to a site.

Connect the Agent Gateway to the Internet

To connect an Agent Gateway to the Internet using the Azure App Proxy service:

1. In the Microsoft Azure portal, under Enterprise Applications, click New application.

2. Click Create your own application

3. In the Create your own application panel, enter Recast Agent Gateway as the name of the application.

4. Select Configure Application Proxy for secure remote access to an on-premises application.

5. Click Create

5. Click Download Application Proxy Connector then click Accept terms & Download.

6. After installing the Application Proxy Connector on your Agent Gateway server, click I've finished the installation.

7. Configure Application Proxy settings on the Basic tab:

  • Name: Recast Agent Gateway
  • Internal Url:
    • Your Agent Gateway server address and port
    • If you're having issues with a self-signed certificate, use http
  • External Url: Address to set as the Gateway address when deploying Recast Agents
  • Pre Authentication: Select Passthrough

Deploy Recast Agent to the Agent Gateway

You can now deploy the Recast Agent application and connect it to the Internet-connected Agent Gateway. The App Proxy Agent Gateway port is always 443.


msiexec.exe /i "Recast Agent.msi" /qn /norestart RCTENTERPRISESERVER=""

NOTE: Installing Recast Agent for the first time requires a Recast Management Server connection.

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