Set Conditional Responses

Right Click Tools Builder lets you set conditional responses, allowing you to skip actions based on the results from previous actions. If the conditions are true, Recast Runner will execute the next step according to the specified workflow. If not, the next step (and any subsequent step in the chain) will be skipped.

Logical term options:  And, Or, Less Than, Less Than or Equal To, Equal To, Greater Than, Greater Than or Equal To

To add a conditional response:

1. On the canvas, click on the edge (arrow) that connects the two actions between which you want to add a condition.

2. In the Condition section, click the New Condition icon (+ sign) and select a logical term from the drop-down list.Right Click Tools Builder Conditions

3. Associate the condition with a specific Output and/or input Value.

    In this example, an "Equal To" condition has been set from the Computer Name to the name of device "XYZ".Right Click Tools Builder Conditions2

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