RMS Logs

On the Recast Management Server Logging page, you can view real-time RMS logs. This information can be especially useful for troubleshooting.

View Logs

You can view the Recast Management Server logs by navigating to Administration > Logging.

Change the Logging Level

By default, the Log Level is set to Information. When troubleshooting, it's often useful to increase the logging level to Debug to collect more information.

To set the logging level to Debug:

1. In the Recast Management Server interface, navigate to Administration > Logging.

2. Open the Log Level drop-down menu.

3. Select Debug.

To view updated logging:

1. If logging is currently displayed on the Logging page, click Clear, then run your action. If the page shows Connecting..., run your action.

2. When your action has completed (whether successful or failed), click Download

Your web browser will download the logs to your default download location.

NOTE: Remember to decrease the logging level to Information after troubleshooting.

If you are unable to get into Recast Management Server

If you can't access your Recast Management Server, you can manually turn on the STDout Log in your web.config file.

To turn on the STDout Log:

1. Open the web.config file located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Recast Software\Recast Management Server\web.config.

2. Change the stdoutLogEnabled value to 'true'.

You can view the resulting log in the Logs folder at C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Logs.

NOTE: Turn off STDout logging after troubleshooting is done, as it can take up a lot of space if left on for long periods of time.

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