Proxy Server

Application Manager supports proxy use. To set up a proxy, you'll first need to download the PsExec tool from Microsoft.

To set up the proxy:

1. Open a command prompt as an administrator.

2. Change the directory to the same as your PsExec.exe file (ex. cd C:\Temp).

3. Open your browser with a system account: PsExec.exe -i -s -d "c:\program files\<browser_name>\<browser>.exe".

4. Navigate to Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings.

5. Set your proxy server address and port then click OK.

6. Close the browser.

7. Open C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Application Manager\PackageDownloader\PackageDownloader.xml and make sure your Proxy element is set to Default.

  •  <Proxy>Default</Proxy>

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