Application Manager for MECM Application Settings

The following options can be set on the MECM Integration - Default application settings tab:

Software Center

  • Application category: Allows you to select application category for an application from Configuration Manager.
  • Application Description in software center: With this option, you can add an description visible in software center.
  • Application Name: With this option. you can configure the application naming scheme visible in software center.
  • Application help documentation in software center: Set a URL or network path to allow users to find more information on the application.

Content locations

  • MECM root folder for packages: Name of the folder that appears in the Applications section of the Configuration Manager console. All imported third-party packages will be placed in it.
  • Distribution point group: Target distribution point group for application media distribution.


  • Superseding: Can be set to all previous versions, all active previous versions, only previous versions or none. The default setting is all active previous versions, which will supersede only previous versions that are active in MECM.
  • Supersede version exclude: Allows you to exclude a specific application version from being superseded. You can also use regular expressions to match multiple versions.
  • Uninstall superseded: Set this to true to uninstall superseded application versions before the installation. The recommended setting is false. AM applications can update previous versions without the uninstall option. The automatic task sequence update feature will not work if you set this to true.


  • Clean previous version: Configures how Application Manager cleans up previous applications. 


  • Never
  • Remove deployments, supersedences and retire when latest available
  • Remove deployments, supersedences and retire when latest required (default)
  • Remove deployments, supersedences when latest available
  • Remove deployments, supersedences when latest required
  • Retired cleanup: Sets whether Application Manager removes old application versions from Configuration Manager and files from content location.


  • Do nothing (default)
  • Remove retired applications and media: Automatically removes retired versions of AM-created applications from Configuration Manager and installation files from the server. Also removes supercedence relationships for non-existing applications.
  • Revision cleanup: When set to True (default), removes unnecessary application revisions before deploying the application. Also removes revisions from Configuration Manager before distributing content to a distribution point group. 
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