Computer is not on

The 'Computer is not on' error usually occurs when Right Click Tools is not able to ping the computer before running an action. By default, Right Click Tools attempts to ping a computer, and verify that it's online, before running an action. Running an action against a computer that is not on, and may take some time before erroring out, can slow down actions against large groups of computers.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check information on how to configure your environment for ICMP Echo (Ping).
  • Configure Right Click Tools to disable this behavior.

Disable ICMP Echo

To disable ICMP Echo in Right Click Tools Enterprise with Recast Management Server:

1. In the Recast Management Server interface, navigate to Settings.

2. Disable PingComputerBeforeRunningTools.

To disable ICMP Echo in Right Click Tools Standalone:

1. Access the Configure Recast Console Extension application from your Configuration Manager console by navigating to Assets and Compliance > Recast Software and clicking Configure Recast in the 'How Can We Help?' section.

2. On the General tab, disable Ping Computer Before Running Tools and click Save.

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