Install Recast Agents for Right Click Tools

Recast Agents are installed on a computer and run Right Click Tools actions on that computer as the local system account. Recast Agents are useful for running actions against workgroup devices or devices in untrusted domains. In this scenario, a Recast Agent would be installed on each workgroup computer you want to run Right Click Tools Actions against.

After installing Recast Agents, you can configure them to run Right Click Tools actions or for Fast Channel Support.

NOTE: If deploying 5000+ Recast Agents, follow the 503.2 IIS Error instructions before proceeding.


  • If your Recast Management Server is using a self-signed certificate, import the certificate into the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities Store on all devices that will have Agents. For instructions on importing a certificate to a local machine, see Certificate used by Recast Management Server is not trusted.

Install Recast Agent Connected to Recast Management Server

To install a Recast Agent connected to your Recast Management Server:

1. Download and run the Recast Agent installer.

2. Under Recast Agent Configuration, enter the Server Name and Server Port number for the Recast Management Server.

3. Click Test Connection to confirm that the Agent can connect to the Recast Management Server. 

NOTE: If the installer does not connect to the Recast Management Server, troubleshoot any error messages that appear in the installer before continuing with the install.

4. Click Install.

5. After Agent installation completes, click Finish to exit the installer.

Silent Install for Recast Agent with Recast Management Server

Add the RCTENTERPRISESERVER=https://<FQDN>:<Port> parameter to your install string, substituting the FQDN and port number for your Recast Management Server.


msiexec.exe /i "Recast Agent.msi" /qn /norestart RCTENTERPRISESERVER="" /L*V "%temp%\RecastAgentMSI.log"

NOTE: The default Recast Management Server port is 444. Inbound and outbound traffic over port 444 (or an alternative port you specify) must be enabled between the Recast Management Server and any device that has a Recast Agent in order for the Agent to be able to communicate with the server.

Connect Recast Agents to an Agent Gateway

Connect your Version 5.0 Recast Agents to a specific Agent Gateway by adding the AGENTGATEWAY parameter to your install string.


msiexec.exe /i "Recast Agent.msi" /qn /norestart RCTENTERPRISESERVER=""
AGENTGATEWAY="" /L*V "%temp%\RecastAgentMSI.log"
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