Test Windows Management Instrumentation Connectivity

You can use the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester (WBEMTEST) to test connectivity between a server and a client machine and determine if Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) access is restricted on a remote host.

WBEMTEST is a native Windows utility included with the Microsoft Windows Server operating system.

To test WMI connectivity:

1. From the Windows Start menu, open Run.

2. Enter 'wbemtest' and click OK to open the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester.

3. Click Connect.

4. In the Namespace field, enter the name of the remote server to which you want to connect.


wbemtest, Connect dialog

5. In the Credentials section, enter User, Password and Authority details. The user must have access to the remote server.

6. Click Connect.

If the connection is successful, the IWbem Services section will no longer be greyed out.

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