Network Architecture: RMS with Standalone Agent Gateway

Your Recast Management Server can be configured with one or more Agent Gateways. During Recast Management Server installation, a single Agent Gateway is installed automatically on the same server as RMS. Adding standalone Agent Gateways to your architecture allows you to run Recast actions against Internet-connected devices at scale.

To learn more, see Agent Gateways.

Recast Management Server with More Than One Agent GatewayNetwork architecture diagram showing Recast Management Server configuration with a standalone Agent Gateway

Installation Notes

  • In this scenario, the Recast Management Server is installed on a separate server than the primary Configuration Manager server.
  • One Agent Gateway is automatically installed on the same server as the Recast Management Server during RMS installation.
  • A standalone Agent Gateway is installed on a separate Internet-facing server. 
  • Recast Agent software is installed on devices that will connect to the Internet-facing Agent Gateway.

An additional Agent Gateway is required for every 20K Recast Agents deployed. Each additional Agent Gateway must be installed on a different server.

Connection Notes

  • Arrows indicate the direction of initial connection.
  • Where Recast Agent software is deployed on devices, Agents connect to the standalone Agent Gateway to enroll. For information on connecting Agents to a specific Agent Gateway, see Deploy Recast Agents.
  • A firewall rule must allow connections from Internet-connected devices to the standalone Agent Gateway on the internal network via TCP port 444. See Test TCP 444 Connection.
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