Run Actions as a Service Account with Recast Proxy

A Recast Proxy can be used to run Right Click Tools actions under a Service Account. Setting up a proxy to run actions involves authorizing the proxy in the Recast Management Server (if necessary), creating a proxy route, and reordering the routes to ensure that actions are run through the service account proxy.

To view the permissions required for different proxy uses, see Proxy Service Account Permissions.

For installation steps, see Install Recast Proxy Separately.

Authorize the Proxy

By default, the Recast Management Server will automatically authorize proxies installed in the same domain as the Recast Management Server. If a proxy is installed in another domain, you must approve it manually.

To approve the proxy manually:

1. Open the Configure Recast Management Server application or open the Recast Management Server web interface.

2. Click Proxies

On the Recast Proxies page, your new proxy should be visible with Authorized disabled.

3. Click the Edit icon to authorize the proxy.

Authorized Proxy Screenshot

Create a Route

A route determines the proxy to which your Recast actions are sent. In order for the Recast Management Server to run actions through the Service Account Proxy, create a route that uses the Service Account.

To create a route for the Recast Proxy:

1. In your Recast Management Server, navigate to Administration > Routes.

2. In the main window, click Create.

3. Set route Type to Service Account.

4. As Recast Proxy, select your service account.

5. Set Role to Administrators.

6. Click Create.

7. On the Routes page, click Save.

Reorder Routes

New routes appear at the bottom of the Routes table. 

To make all actions run through the service account proxy, you must move the new route above the Right Click Tools route in the table.

When you're done reordering the proxy route list, click Save to finalize the changes.