Configuring Actions to Run as a Service Account with Recast Proxy


Recast Proxy is a service that runs under a service account. It can be used to read from Active Directory to populate scopes, or it can be used to run Right Click Tools actions under that Service Account. There is also a “hidden” type of proxy. A Console User Proxy is automatically installed with your standard Right Click Tools installation. The Console User Proxy ensures that the actions you to run in Right Click Tools will run as the logged in user with the logged in user's permissions. These User Proxies do not show up on the Proxies list. If Proxy has not been installed yet, see: Installing Recast Proxy.

Authorize Proxy in Recast Management Server

Before actions will be sent from the Recast Management Server to the Proxy, the Proxy needs to be authorized. Please note that by default, the Recast Management Server will auto approve proxies that are installed in the same domain as the Recast Management Server. If a proxy is installed in another domain, you must approve it manually.

To approve the proxy manually, open the Configure Recast Management Server application (or connect to the Recast Management Server web interface) and navigate to "Proxies". Your new Proxy should be visible, but Authorized will be listed as "False" Click on Edit to approve the proxy. The Edit Recast Proxy window will open.

Once saved the Authorized checkbox will fill in. (The checkbox after the version number.)

Authorized Proxy Screenshot

Create Route

In order for the Recast Management Server to run actions through the Service Account Proxy, a route will need to be created that uses the Service Account.

Click on the Routes section of the Recast Management Server. The routes page will open and will look like the below screenshot.

Routes Page

When you click on the create button, the Create Routes page will open.

After clicking save, your route will be added to the routes table at the bottom of the page. In order for all actions to be run through the Service Account Proxy, you must move the new route higher than the "Right Click Tools" Route in the route order from top to bottom.

Edit Route Table

Actions should now be running through the Service Account Proxy, and will be attempted using the Service Account.