Set LAPS Password Expiration

The Set LAPS Password Expiration tool lets you give a user a specific amount of time to set a new LAPS password. This tool doesn't allow the user to see the current password or its expiration date.

To run the tool:

1. In your Configuration Manager console, right-click on a device.

2. Click Right Click Tools > Security Tools > Set LAPS Password Expiration.

3. In the Expire LAPS Password window, set the expiry by enabling Expire Now or scheduling a date and time using the date picker.

4. Enable Group Policy Update to force the computer to check for a group policy update, if needed.

5. Click Set Expiration.

NOTE: A group policy for LAPS password expiry will take precedence over a date and time set manually with this tool. When the password expiry date/time associated with a group policy is prior to the manually scheduled time, the password will expire according to the group policy.