Application Manager for MECM Deployment Process Overview

Deployment processes are the key feature of Application Manager. From the deployment process, you can configure settings related to application(s) selected for the deployment process, and also configure deployment target collections and their deployment schedule.

You can configure deployment processes on the MECM Integration tab. They are located in the left panel, under MECM Settings

From MECM Settings you can configure settings for MECM integration and the default deployment process. From default settings, you can configure a deployment process template that will be a base for upcoming deployment processes. Changing the default settings won't affect existing deployment processes.

Create a New Deployment Process (example)

To create a new deployment process:

1. Click New deployment process, name it, and click Ok.

2. Select one or more applications to include in this deployment process.

3. Review the General, Application and Deployment type settings tabs. These settings are the same as those configured in the default settings and most often require no adjustments.

4. On the Deployment settings tab, configure target collections and scheduling. In this example, the application chosen for the deployment process will be deployed as soon as possible to the 1st AM Group device collection and after 5 working days to 4th AM Group device collection.

5. On the Advanced tab, configure additional deployment settings (optional).

6. Click Apply to save the deployment process. 

Application Manager will download and deploy the application automatically within 30 minutes, or you can download the application instantly by selecting Start download on the Overview tab.

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