Application Manager for MECM Deployment Settings

On the MECM Integration - Default deployment settings tab, you can configure target collections and their schedule for application deployment. 

In the Collection section, you can use Move Up or Move Down to reorder your deployment steps.

General Tab

Deployment Settings

  • Collection name: Drop-down menu containing the list of all collections in Configuration Manager.
  • Collection type: Set automatically when you select a collection. If no collection is selected, you can use this field to filter collections by their type when searching for a new collection.
  • Deploy purpose: Sets how the application should be deployed. There are three options: 
    • Required
    • Available (if the deployment is targeted to an user collection)
    • Available with forced upgrade (Equivalent to selecting "Automatically upgrade any superseded versions of this application" in Configuration Manager)
  • User notification: Sets the Configuration Manager notification level on the client device. There are three options:
    • Display All
    • Display in Software Center Only
    • None 
  • Comment: Used to set a custom note for deployment. By default, Application Manager uses the date as a comment.


Configure the scheduling of the deployment step for the specified collection. You can set deployment available and deadline times to immediately or you can configure a time of days or even a specific day for the deployment. 

  • Make deployment available: Sets when the application is available for clients of the collection. On first deployment step this time is from the time AM releases new application version. On later steps available time is in relation to the deadline of previous step. 
  • Force installation: Configure when the application deployment deadline is after the available time. 

Tip: Use simulated publish times in collection view to see when the deployment would start with your current configuration.

Email notifications

  • You can specify a template for email notification per deployment step. Multiple recipients for the email notification system can be added by separating them with comma

Update task sequence on available time (MECM credentials in use must have Operating System Deployment Manager role added & MECM console must be restarted with credentials to confirm PowerShell privileges)

  • Application Manager for MECM can be used to update 3rd party applications in task sequences. The task sequence setting is related to the chosen collection. AM for MECM will add the latest version of application to task sequence as soon as the available time of the deployment is reached. We recommend adding application to a task sequence on the last step
  • Task sequence name  - Select Task sequence
  • Task sequence group - Select a group inside task sequence into which application are added

Advanced Tab

You can configure additional settings related to the deployment step. These are the same settings as you would have in the Configuration Manager console when creating a new deployment.

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