Insufficient Recast Permissions

An 'Insufficient Recast Permissions' error indicates that Right Click Tools has determined that the user doesn't have permissions to run the action that they are trying to run. 

If a user has insufficient Recast permissions to run an action, the tool will be grayed out.

If a user has the required Recast permissions, but insufficient Microsoft permissions, to run an action, the tool will appear to be available (not grayed out) but the action won't run successfully.


There are two reasons this can happen:

  • Limited permissions: A user's access to Right Click Tools actions is limited by their Recast permissions and/or their Microsoft permissions. Recast permissions will not override Microsoft permissions.  
  • Trial Expiry: The Right Click Tools trial license has expired, removing access to the Enterprise features of Right Click Tools.

For installations prior to Recast Software v5.1.2305.507: If 'Skip in console permissions checks' was enabled when the installing the software, permission checks are ignored when showing the tools and actions that are available. After trial expiry, users will continue to see Enterprise features that can no longer be run.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check the required permissions for a Right Click Tools action on the Tools page for that action.
  • View and edit Recast user permissions on the Recast Management Server Permissions page.
    NOTE: Right Click Tools must be connected to Recast Management Server to set custom Recast permissions.
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